Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave- In

Washday! Today I used the last bit that was left in the container. During one of my product huntings, I decide to purchase Jamaican Black Castor, Strengthen & Grow Leave- In Conditioner from Shea Moisture.  I liked the fact that the description said color safe, color treated hair, nourish, repair and growth. I have highlights in my hair, so color safe is great! Repair and growth are extras for me. Nourishment, yes please.


The first time I used this after shampooing only. The leave-in is thin, but has a great slip. The smell is ok to me, but I can imagine that this will not be the same for everybody. Applying the product gave me a great feeling and made my hair felt super soft. It made my hair also easy to detangle. The next morning I was still very excited, only the product kept my hair wet. I had applied too much. My hair was too heavy and I had to rinse the leave-in out. Unfortunately, I tried to leave the conditioner in my hair twice without a success. Too much shrinkage after and applying this on dry hair was no success too. Although, I still think this leave-in will be great to use for twist outs.


I started this post, with telling you about an empty container. I used the leave-in as an extra rinse- out conditioner. My hair wash routine can take forever and this product gave me possibilities. Me, mommy and always busy. I can leave it in and rinse- out hours or even 10 minutes later. I really liked the slip and the nourishment. Another great thing is the size of the container in combination with the price. Very important, right?! Overall, I can say a great conditioner!



(Hair) food for thought

Welcome to Maison Curl. This week was excited on different levels, but the most excited part is writing my first post on my fresh and new blog Maison Curl.

I love natural hair and I love hair products. I like to do research on the ingredients and like to know what the product will do for my hair. Yes, my hair… too often I saw great images or videos and I decided to do the same or use those products. And guess what, disappointment followed. The moisturizer was too light, the gel made my hair turned into a crispy stick or cotton candy, ‘ the’ product created a snow storm on my head because it started flaking. Yes, the life of a naturalista isn’t easy! My experiences made me look deeper into the products I use. I’m a naturalista for about 15 years now. I used relaxers for years. I never had a problem with growth, matter of fact I liked to cut my hair short to let it grow super long again. In my twenties I started noticing my hair got thinner. This was also the time we found out that the flat iron was our new bff. One day I saw the light, my friend (a great hair stylist) cut the most amazing bob line for me, and my life as a naturalista began. At that moment I still had a straight hairstyle, but stopped using relaxers.

The more you look into the products you use and the more you get to know your curls, the more you know what you can definitely skip on this journey. It’s like food, when you decide to live a healthy life style, how often will you still visit a fast food restaurant?

My hair food shopping is always well prepared and over thought. Today I finished my shopping spree for … we will see… for how long. I bought ‘new’ products from the Mane Choice, products that needed a refill from Camille Rose, Curls and Mielle Organics and some oldies from Mixed Chicks. I also ordered new and refill products from Qhemet Biologics online.

It’s Friday, it’s weekend! Tomorrow, I will style my it’s almost-washday-hair into a pineapple and will start the day at the supermarket. Another basket, but this time filled with food for the belly.

Enjoy yours!