Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave- In

Washday! Today I used the last bit that was left in the container. During one of my product huntings, I decide to purchase Jamaican Black Castor, Strengthen & Grow Leave- In Conditioner from Shea Moisture.  I liked the fact that the description said color safe, color treated hair, nourish, repair and growth. I have highlights in my hair, so color safe is great! Repair and growth are extras for me. Nourishment, yes please.


The first time I used this after shampooing only. The leave-in is thin, but has a great slip. The smell is ok to me, but I can imagine that this will not be the same for everybody. Applying the product gave me a great feeling and made my hair felt super soft. It made my hair also easy to detangle. The next morning I was still very excited, only the product kept my hair wet. I had applied too much. My hair was too heavy and I had to rinse the leave-in out. Unfortunately, I tried to leave the conditioner in my hair twice without a success. Too much shrinkage after and applying this on dry hair was no success too. Although, I still think this leave-in will be great to use for twist outs.


I started this post, with telling you about an empty container. I used the leave-in as an extra rinse- out conditioner. My hair wash routine can take forever and this product gave me possibilities. Me, mommy and always busy. I can leave it in and rinse- out hours or even 10 minutes later. I really liked the slip and the nourishment. Another great thing is the size of the container in combination with the price. Very important, right?! Overall, I can say a great conditioner!



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